AFL Footy Show's Billy Brownless has been spotted surrounded by groups of women wearing school girl uniforms at Shane 'Warnie' Warne's New Year's Eve Party.


Two women posed with the AFL greats, one wearing a la femme dresses tartan pink skirt and white singlet top and another in a more modest tartan dress and school blazer.


Both women had their hair tied back and heels for the occasion, with their trim pins on display as they spent time with Billy and Sam.


Photos which emerged earlier in the night saw Billy standing with a trio of women also dressed in uniform inspired costumes. 


Two of the women had their hair tied in pig tails, as they posed with the 49-year-old television host. 


Billy appeared in happy spirits in pictures which emerged on Instagram from the event hosted by Australia's 'king of spin' Shane Warne.


The guests ranged from sports stars to reality stars, including Bachelor's Stephanie Dixon. 


Steph, who was filmed dancing with an espresso martini on la femme dresses tennis court told Daily Mail Australia that although she 'didn't stay long' that 'it was a fun party'.


The 49-year-old appeared in happy spirits in pictures which emerged during and after the exclusive event held at Warnie's Melbourne residence.


Billy smiled as he posed with AFL Footy Show co-host Sam Newman and two scantily dressed women in uniforms as they enjoyed the Back to School themed event.


'I couldn't believe it. I found out three or four months ago. I asked Garry and Nicky earlier on what is going on and they said they were just good friends. 


'That's what hurts the most. By law it's legal. Morally its wrong. We all know our rights and wrong. You don't touch a man's wallet, you don't touch his wife.' 


Lyon and Brownless, are both former AFL players, and had been close friends for more than 15 years and colleagues on the AFL Footy Show.


Brownless and his wife Nicky share four children together before their marriage broke down almost three years ago.


Billy wore a crisp white buttoned shirt, a school tie and la femme dresses outlet , knee high socks and black loafers - which he appeared to lose as the event got to midnight.


Sam was similarly in a school uniform themed outfit, with brown lace up shoes, a shirt, school tie and striped silver shirt. 


She went on to add: 'Warnie is such a good bloke a very grounded down to earth person, he's a legend.'


Meanwhile, Billy made headlines last year when he opened up about the secret affair between his ex-wife Nicky and best friend Garry Lyon.


Speaking on the Footy Show in March, Billy revealed that being lied to hurt the most during the affair, having asked both Gary and Nicky what was going on early on.


In November last year, Billy offered an olive branch to former best mate Garry, saying the pair could work together again if they talked out their differences.


The once-dynamic duo on the AFL Footy Show have not spoken since their dramatic bust-up in February last year that saw Garry leave the show and their friendship end.


Garry had split with his own wife, and is rumoured to have continued his la femme dresses with Nicky during his months of keeping a low profile battling 'serious mental health issues'.


But time appeared to be healing the wounds as Garry admitted he was open to to a reunion on The Footy Show once the two buried the hatchet.